Stick Like Magic: Unleashing the Power of Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

Double sided adhesive tape has become a versatile and indispensable tool in both professional and DIY projects. Its ability to adhere seamlessly to various surfaces, while remaining discreetly hidden, makes it a valuable asset in countless applications. Whether you’re crafting, organizing, or repairing, double sided adhesive tape offers a secure and long-lasting bond that traditional tape simply can’t match.

Established in 1990, CROWN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO., LTD. has solidified its position as one of China’s premier manufacturers of adhesive products. With a strong focus on research and development, production excellence, and the sale of top-notch adhesive solutions, CROWN ADHESIVE has consistently delivered high-quality products to meet the diverse needs of their customers.


Double-sided adhesive tape produced by CROWN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO., LTD. finds a wide range of applications in both residential and commercial settings. One common use is for mounting items such as picture frames, mirrors, and hooks without the need for drilling holes. Its strong adhesion provides a reliable hold, making it a convenient choice for temporary or permanent fixtures.

In the automotive industry, double-sided adhesive tape plays a crucial role in attaching various trim pieces, emblems, and molding without the use of mechanical fasteners. This not only contributes to a cleaner appearance but also helps streamline the manufacturing process. Additionally, its weather-resistant properties make it suitable for exterior applications, ensuring durable bonds even under challenging conditions.

Another notable application of double-sided adhesive tape is in the realm of crafting and DIY projects. From scrapbooking to card making, this versatile tape offers a clean and easy way to secure embellishments, photos, and other decorative elements. Its flexibility and ease of use make it a popular choice among enthusiasts looking for an efficient adhesive solution for their creative endeavors.


Double-sided adhesive tape offers numerous advantages for both industrial and household applications.

With CROWN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD.’s expertise in manufacturing adhesive products, users can trust in the high quality and durability of double-sided adhesive tape.

One of the key benefits of double-sided adhesive tape is its versatility. This innovative product allows for seamless bonding of various materials without the need for traditional fasteners or adhesives.


Innovating the adhesive industry, double-sided adhesive tape has revolutionized the way we bond materials together. CROWN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO., LTD., a pivotal player in this arena, has consistently pushed the boundaries since its establishment in 1990. Their commitment to research, development, and production has led to breakthroughs that cater to diverse adhesive needs worldwide.

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One of the notable innovations by CROWN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO., LTD. is their advanced formula that ensures strong and durable adhesion. This innovation has set a new standard in the industry, providing users with a reliable solution for various applications. By prioritizing quality and performance, CROWN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO., LTD. has established itself as a trailblazer in creating high-quality double-sided adhesive tape.

Furthermore, the company’s dedication to eco-friendly solutions has resulted in the creation of environmentally sustainable double-sided adhesive tape options. These innovations not only meet the needs of consumers but also demonstrate CROWN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO., LTD.’s commitment to environmental responsibility. By offering innovative and sustainable products, the company continues to shape the future of the adhesive industry.