I had the pleasure of interviewing Kathie Thomas, the founding father of the Virtual assistant industry in Australia, in the live tele-seminar for Wonderful Web Mothers. I asked Kathie to give out us where she suggested you should start advertising intend that they are a Virtual assistant. Here are Kathie’s tips and hints.

Some VA’s work individually and others may engage in a VA company. VA companies work differently. Sometimes the company owner “manages the project” by dishing out the work, then checking it before it’s sent to you. Other times, the owner will a person have work with various VAs of their pool. You’ll to determine your boundaries and do what you are feeling is suitable for your service provider.

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An affordable work environment. Since you’re not leasing by the month, it’s unbelievably cost-effective. You’re not tied to long-term lease, you’re not paying for utilities, and there are services cannot get in your own — like the prestigious office address place on your writer’s business card, associated with a conference room too as wi-fi, copiers, faxes and other office devices. Often there’s a kitchen involved — one you do not own to clean up all on your own. And your productivity canno doubt soar, making it worth expense and then some.

You seriously need a vacation – You may have placed too numerous on your platter to even consume a small festival. You can delegate a first rate degree of labor on your VA and go on a pilgrimage resting assured generally there is someone behind.

Understand cultural barriers. Being a leader in virtual offices means you works with people of diverse cultures. Usually give a bit of your attention in understanding these cultural differences and including them in your plan for implementation.

Fees typically do not include expense such as cost of postage, mass photocopying, faxing, etc. Discuss any additional expenses a person simply foresee acquire out this is covered by the bill.

Conceptualizing marketing items can be agonizing if you don’t have the know-how, equipment or creative exuberance. Most VAs have a wide range of software packages at their finger-tips, as well as experience in creating flyers, brochures and business cards for their own company’s. Put your ideas for your VA, they will dazzle you with eating habits study.